Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Pictures

Every May we take family pictures, it's my personal Mother's Day gift to myself.

Eli, Eli Bo Be Lie, a.k.a. E-Man, a.k.a "E"

Michael, Mike, Mikey
Mikey by the way came about at the kindergarten screening.  He was asked if he had a preferred name and Mikey was what he chose.  When the Nurse brought him back to me and that was the name she said I gave her a look of horror I'm sure because she immediately said that Mikey was the name he said he preferred.
You know what it's been months now (the upside to not blogging in forever) and I actually don't cringe when I say it.

Andrew, Drew, Drew Drew (I'm not sure why I say it twice but I really do call him Drew Drew).

The Boys.  Eli loves his brothers and thinks he is just as big as they are.

The Fam.  Funny story Casey had to photo shop my pants closed. I guess I was too busy dressing everyone else and forgot to dress myself!  The craziest part about it is I had no idea until the pictures were being sent to the printer.  Luckily I caught it, how could I not though really?

April Fools!

The boys were so psyched about April fools this year.  So I obliged, but only mildly.  I'm so nervous about this holiday.  I can only imagine what my future holds when my three sons put their minds together.

We tricked daddy by eating rocks and then offered him some.  He was such a good sport and followed along.  Later we tried to trick grandma Vicki too.

Andrew had the "W" letter bucket in preschool and lucky for us we got to play a little April fools joke on the preschool friends.  We made worms in dirt.  Most of the kids couldn't get passed the dirt to try it out but they were fun to make anyway.

Another Eli Hair Cut

After trimming a little here and a little there on March 16th we retired the scissors and reached for the clippers.  Eli didn't seem to mind.

So much hair!  Look at all those long locks.

And this picture sums up the entire experience.

St. Paddy's Day 2012

We made and set our traps,

Woke up and found this:

That crazy leprechaun painted our faces, and took pictures of it while we were sleeping.  I bet that crazy guy posted them on his own blog!

He made foot steps all around the house leading to all of his traditional shenanigans.

But lucky for us he left us a little bit of fun before he left.

Although I wont ever be able to keep up with the fun of the leprechaun I tried to make a special rainbow breakfast.

Later we invited the Wahlstrom's over for our green dinner.

We had such a fun day, although Colt looks less than enthused to be involved!

3.14..... 2012

Here's Pie day 2012, Eli was obviously camera shy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Michael and Andrew Turn 5

This year the boys' birthday was extended throughout the month.  They celebrated on their actual birthday with a couple of gifts from mom and dad and their favorite breakfast.

But due to a lice outbreak at preschool (YIKES!!, luckily we came away without any bugs of our own, whew) we postponed the party.

It was robot themed with wind up robot races, robot arm relay's, build a robot, and of course treats and presents.

Happy Valen- Statehood Day

Valentines Day started out with a sweet love note from my hubby.

I made a special breakfast for the boys but didn't have hands available to take pictures of them enjoying it.  We also did the traditional love notes in our mailboxes for the week.

Now, what loveless person decided Arizona should become a state on Valentines Day???
We celebrated library style complete with a hybrid valentine's/ love theme.